Below are some of the questions we have received from potential Mayfield Project participants over the years. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please comment below or send an email to Dani Martin at  dmartin@graypuksand.com.au 

What is The Mayfield Project?
The Mayfield Project is a inquiry-based collaboration programme for young professionals, from the backgrounds of architecture, design, education and planning. A diverse group is formed to investigate themes relevant to educational design, with a major presentation conveying the group's research presented at the Learning Environments Australasia Regional Conference. Themes are set by the organising committee on a biennial basis and are generally designed to encourage creative thought and enhanced design outcomes.

Who can be part of The Mayfield Project?
Students (of education, architecture, design, planning or other related fields), Architects, Teachers, Planners, Researchers, Suppliers, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Consultants, Facility Managers, Estimators ... anyone with a passion for education and design, and enhancing their own knowledge base. We are looking to bring together ‘early career professions’, so those that have been involved in the design and use of contemporary learning environments for under 10 years.

What will I need to do?
Group members will work together to research their topic over a few months, then will present this information in a creative and engaging way at LEA’s Regional Conference. During the research period, you may need to learn how to video-conference, how to research new technologies, who to talk to about innovative solutions, where to find mentors and how to work together in a team of diverse individuals, from diverse locations.

What topic will I be researching?
An over-arching theme is set by the Mayfield Project sub-committee but it is then up to the group to coordinate and organise how they are going to respond to the theme, developing and then answering an overall critical question.

What will I (or my employer) get out of it?
You will be engaging in deep inquiry, contributing to current discourse on educational design in Australia. Your involvement may help uncover new designs, concepts, technologies and theories that will help advance the development of educational facilities.

How much will it cost me?
Some of the costs of the programme will be covered by Learning Environments Australasia. However, participants will be expected to contribute their own time for all meetings, conferences etc.


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